Celebrate in the Air! Skydiving Special Occasions

Skydiving Special Occasions

Are you looking for a way to make a real movie moment? Or maybe looking to score some big points with that big gift? We believe in doing celebrations up big. Birthdays, weddings, promotions, the cat’s birthday? Definitely worth celebrating. Skydiving special occasions is our favorite way to kick off any celebration with a skydive lesson. After all, skydiving is a bonding activity perfectly suited to any party. Offering both flexibility for everyone involved as well as ample time to take things slow and savor the day, skydiving is perfect for even life’s biggest moment.

Skydiving Proposals and Weddings

Oh, how romantic! You and your soulmate, thousands of miles above the earth with your heads in the clouds. While it may not be the ideal for a homebody, if you want to shout your love to the world with a flashy display, consider a skydiving proposal. Perfect for lines about “giving them the world,” a skydiving proposal shows your love that you are willing to go above and beyond.

You trust them enough to jump out of the plane with them, so why not use that jump as a symbol of your readiness to leap into married life with them by your side? Skydiving Special occasions. The below video is a great example. The couple obviously have fun together and are madly in love. They fly up in the plane’s cabin together and get ready for their skydiving adventure. 

Just before he leaps out before her, the young man asks her the big question. Aware of how loud it will be up in the cab, he makes sure an easy to read sign accompanies him. Not only is this a grand romantic gesture, but this method allows your askee to consider their answer on the way down!

If you don’t want to take away from the skydiving session itself, there is always the option of a post-skydiving proposal. In the clip below, we meet a couple (Zac and Kaestle) skydiving together for Valentine’s Day. As a present from Kaestle to Zac, she wasn’t expecting to be greeted on the ground with flowers and an engagement ring! 

She puts it perfectly when she describes the feeling of a proposal after a huge endorphin and adrenaline rush like the one you get with skydiving. This option is great in case either of you gets a bad case of the nerves or for a busier skydiving day, as the plan allows flexibility.

Have you already popped the question? Looking for a different way to say “I Do”? Not every girl dreams of a princess dress in a big church, and not every boy is waiting to get suited up to wait at the altar. Some of us need a little more adrenaline in our every day, so we take those nuptials to the sky! This bride and groom, Celine and George, invited their wedding party to sail along with them. 

The video shows the intensive wedding rehearsal to coordinate their jump, along with the ceremony! After saying their “I do’s,” they seal their union with a jump, Celine looking very fashion forward in her all-white bridal jumpsuit. Skydiving special occasions are the best.


Whether you are facing down adulthood and ready to show you can take on the world, or looking for a way to top off the end of a great decade, big days call for big celebrations, and what better way to do it up big than a birthday skydive?

 Many of us want to use our birthdays as fresh starts and a way to shake off the bad habits of the past. Skydiving can be enjoyed as a solo outing, or a pit stop on a full blown birthday weekend with your friends. The versatility of the sport allows you to book your day around it. We’re thinking a morning skydive before mimosas at brunch would be a great plan for the big 3-0. Skydiving special occasions

If you’re thinking to yourself “I would never do that!” … why is that? Maybe with the new year you want to be more adventurous. If you’re tired of the normal cake and ice cream rut we all fall into as more birthdays pass us, skydiving is what you are looking for. Below, Jenna Ezarik shares her story of being in those exact shoes. Though hesitant, Jenna’s experience was a pleasant one that she doesn’t regret! Contact us for a great skydiving special occasions.

“But I’m too old for skydiving!” You may be saying to yourself. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled. While there are many videos out there of young people enjoying their big milestones, skydiving is not reserved for them. Did you know former President George H.W. Bush used to celebrate every 5th birthday with skydiving? 

Even in his 80s, it was his preferred way to mark another half decade on earth. We welcome everyone over 18 into our center with open arms, eager to share the gift of skydiving with anyone willing to learn. In fact, elderly clients can be some of the most exciting to work with. Just because you’re ‘over the hill’ doesn’t mean you should stop indulging your senses. A big birthday, a major anniversary, and yes proposals should be just as exciting at 80 as they are at 18!

Skydiving can fit any occasion. Whether you’re surprising your one true love, celebrating with the boys, or holding a family Thanksgiving to remember, the gift of skydiving adds a special air of magic to each memory. 

We are more than happy to help you make a memory or two with us. Give our customer service professionals a call today and we will be happy to help make special arrangements for you and your party. Please keep in mind our planes are designed to take up 2 tandem teams at a time to allow for the best experience for everyone, so we are perfect for an intimate proposal or a group event that doesn’t mind relaxing and enjoying the view from below!



Skydiving Special Occasions

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