Arizona’s Upscale Skydive Center

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One Person   $199 per person
Two People   $189 per person
Four People  $165 per person
Six+ People  $159 per person
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Must be 18 with valid ID
Sign Skydive Liability Form
View Skydive Liability Video
No drugs or Alcohol allowed
Less than 225 lbs.

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Skydive Phoenix Skies

Arizona’s only upscale Skydive Center skydive the Phoenix skies at Phoenix Skydive Center! . Every jumper is a VIP . Great solo adventure or a family fun jump vacation, Skydiving at Phoenix Skydive Center can make your dream come true.

Have you ever dreamed of skydiving? Skydiving in Phoenix is the best in the world. Phoenix Skydive Center is Arizona’s upscale skydive center, where you can skydive Phoenix as a 1st time skydiver or a regular skydiver. We are a member in good standing of the United States Parachute Association, the Parachute Industry Association and an A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

We offer comfortable facilities, modern aircraft and a perfect safety record. If it’s just you looking for an afternoon skydive or skydiving for your whole family, skydive Phoenix skies with Phoenix Skydive Center and have the jump of your life!

Phoenix Special

Two Skydivers only $350.00

Phoenix Skydive Center


Phoenix Skydive Center
3860 N. Pinal Ave.
Casa Grande Arizona 85122


  • From I-10  exit # 185
  • Turn south onto Hwy 387, Pinal Ave.
  • Stay on Pinal Ave. for 2 miles.
  • Pinal Ave. & Impala
  • Phoenix Skydive Center on your left.

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Phone or Text

Reservation Line (520) 840 9095
Customer Service (719) 431 3047

Physical Address:

Phoenix Skydive Center
3860 N.. Pinal Ave.
Casa Grande AZ. 85122

E-Contact Data:

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