Skydive Groupon? Maybe, Maybe Not.

Skydive Groupon? Maybe Maybe Not.

 We all love discounts Skydive Groupon

     We all love discounts, and of course, we all love skydiving. Skydive Groupon is the high altitude leader of  the discount universe so, inevitably gravity pulls us to their daily deals. Sometimes faster than a 120 mph skydive. So let’s take a look at whether or not a discount skydive is a good idea.

     As an avid skydive enthusiast and a big fan of discounts. I know a few things, and I do mean a few. There are a couple of considerations when deciding if a very low priced skydive is right for you. In the end some of you will decide that discount skydiving is awesome. Others will opt for the “quality over quantity” concept and pay a few extra dollars but both will be jumping from a perfectly good airplane.

      Ask anyone the obvious question, “ Why did you think buying a deeply discounted skydive Groupon was a good idea?  Most people don’t put the two together until that moment. As a result, reactions range from a back away slowly kind of panic to the fellow that was happy to save a few bucks on the skydive. I heard a guy saying “ At least if I die, I got a good deal”. Both rationales  are reasonable conclusions,  the rest of us fall in the middle. Here are the ups and downs.

Groupon Pros and Cons

  • Groupon requires full payment in advance and has a strict no refund policy. If for any reason you cannot make your skydive on the scheduled date, you will not be refunded. As a result you will need to rescheduled to the next available skydive date.
  • Phoenix Skydive Center only requires a $ 25 deposit to guarantee your seat. Deposits are fully refundable and transferable. Book online PhoenixSkydiveCenter.com or call customer service 5208409095.
  • Groupons are limited. You will not have the option to choose your jump date until after you pay in full for the skydive certificate. Just like cheap airline tickets, cheap skydive tickets have restrictions that may interfere with your plan to jump. Groupon may not be for you if you are planning a birthday party or a wedding proposal or just want to jump on May 2nd with your group.

Big Fan of  Groupon Discounts

  • Phoenix Skydive Center customer service will help set your date and time for your group on any day for any size group. No restrictions. If your plans change or your group grows we can make the needed changes at no charge.
  • Groupon Daily Deals are not eligible for other discounts or deals. Most jumpers want to have the HD Video and Photos package or Tshirts.Get your skydive jewelry and other souvenirs to memorialize your Skydive adventure at Phoenix skydive Center.
  • Phoenix Skydive Center offers great deals to both single jumpers and corporate groups. A typical customer actually saves money booking directly through us. Give us a call or visit us at PhoenixSkydiveCenter.com.
In the end you must keep in mind that skydive operators are competitive and may need to cut costs to compete in the deep discount universe. The question is do you want skydive operations to cut costs to offer a cheap skydives? How about Groupon eye surgery? Does a Groupon security system seem like a good idea? If these Groupons don’t alarm you then Groupon is for you. The rest of us will pay the normal price thank you.

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