The short answer is yes…mostly! There are a few limitations and restrictions to consider.

Phoenix Skydive Center

  • In the US Tandem skydivers must be 18 years old, although many countries here and abroad do not have age restrictions due to the differing legal systems, we like the idea of skydiving being an adult sport. Some of the best of skydiving happen after the jump, adult gatherings are common at the dropzone or at local bars and restaurants, and very much a part of the skydive experience. So don’t be shy, if you are in the Jacksonville Florida area hang out and make some friends on Amelia Island.
  • The safe weight of an average adult tandem skydive student is 200 lbs. Even jumpers under 200 lbs. due to body shapes and proportion, may restrict your ability to tandem skydive. Again, this is ultimately determined by the fitment of the safety equipment.
  • The maximum weight allowed for a Tandem Skydive student is up to 250 pounds or about 112 kilos. Tandem Skydive students that weigh more than 200 lbs must be considered on a case by case basis and may require a pre fitting session to determine proper safety harness application. Usually those up to 250 lbs that are height/weight proportionate are a good Tandem Skydive student. It’s always a good idea to speak with the skydive center if you are over 200 lbs.
  • Although there is not a minimum weight restriction, special care must be taken for proper harness adjustment. Most skydiving safety equipment is made for average size adults so skydive equipment for children (in foreign countries), or very small adults (under 85 lbs.) must be altered to be safe.
  • Special circumstance jumpers. Generally speaking, most adults are good candidates for tandem skydiving. Single/multiple amputees, para, quad or other circumstances can usually be accommodated. It’s recommended to call the skydive center with your circumstances, most adults can usually participate in tandem skydiving.
  • Body shape and size are the deciding factor in determining your suitability for tandem skydiving. You must fit properly in a full body harness to participate in a tandem skydive. Although this equipment is rated for over 2 tons it must fit properly to be safe.
  • There is no age minimum. All the rage in the boomer community and retirement clubs is skydiving. 70, 80, even 90 yr olds are common in freefall. Even 100+ yr old jumpers have been in the news lately, and we expect more in years to come.

So there was the long answer, we have enjoyed tandem skydivers from all walks of life, ages, shapes and sizes. It is a human experience that shouldn’t be missed.