Skydive Authority in The USA

Skydive Authority

The United States Parachute Association is the skydive authority in the USA. They issue licenses and certifications to civilian skydivers. Furthermore, it acts as the liaison between skydivers and the Federal Aviation Administration. The USPA, for instance, offers membership to skydive centers that are committed to strict safety and training standards. Phoenix Skydive Center has been a member in good standing since 2010. We maintain the highest quality of safety and training, supporting skydive authority in the US.

The FAA  is aslo the skydive authority of all civilian air traffic. They also control general aviation and commercial operations as well.  As a result all skydive aircraft and skydive operations are regulated by the FAA. Because, under Part 105 and Part 91 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, safety improves. Phoenix Skydive Center remaines in compliance of all FAA regulations.

Skydivers should research the skydive center before committing to your jump. Only skydive at qualified centers. Therefore, reputable skydive centers will produce any certifications on request. We will not compromise your safety for any reason.

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